REST is a collection of comfort objects pushing the standard square & circular shapes of pillow construction. Most objects are named after components of classical Greek architecture so when piled up into a pillow fort it seems as if you're in the midst of the rubble from an ancient ruin like the Acropolis or Parthenon.

All fabrics are hand- printed on a medium-weight canvas, color-fast and safe for washing. Most have zippers & removable inserts. Pillows, cushions and beanbags are stuffed with a variety of materials including: WOOL, foam/dacron, polyfil, or styrofoam bean bag pellets.

This line is consciously, slowly, making a shift away from synthetic fill materials while struggling to be affordable. Similar to government subsidized big-agriculture, the home-goods we purchase at corporate chain stores doesn't reflect the true ethical cost of labor and earth healthy resources-turned-to-materials.