NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES: Each item is printed & sewn with the upmost care & precision, & inspected for quality throughout fabrication. Line items are edition based monoprints, meaning multiple objects are made from one-of-a-kind yardage in a specific colorway, when you order an item there might be a slight pattern variation from the picture. Generally no returns, only on a case-by-case basis.

SHIPPING: Orders are shipped twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday morning. I am a one-woman-operation, and in order to support the intensive time demands of printing & fabricating, I’m streamlining packaging & shipping to two days per week. And of course if able will ship sooner if possible. If there is shipping urgency please leave me a note in your order, & I will do my best to meet your timing needs. Thanks for understanding :)

CUSTOM & WHOLESALE LEAD TIME: 5-6 week lead time to fabricate & ship custom work & wholesale orders.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Disclaimer: Marbling is a surface print, and although stable, STURDY!, fixed and washer safe, the print will fade slightly overtime with use. You can prolong the life of the print by coating with Scotchguard before use, and washing with cold water and minimal soap (less than 1/4cup), and re-coating with Scotchguard after each wash. (make sure to zip shut pillow cases when washing in machine, to keep the zipper in good condition).

FABRIC MATERIAL CONTENT: Hand-printed Turkish Ebru Marbled 9oz Cotton Canvas using highest quality acrylic pigment floating atop carrageenan size, derived from Irish Moss Seaweed harvested off the coast of Maine and Oregon, USA. All fabric prints are permanent & washer safe. Each piece is carefully & precisely sewn by Ripley herself & all inserts (except feather) are sewn & stuffed by Ripley.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: USA. Marbled Fabric Printed & Sewn in Catskill, NY. Wool Stuffing from Fortunate Ewe Farm Cambridge, NY. Wool Prepared, Washed, Carded in Greenwich, NY at Battenkill Fibers. Alternate pillow insert materials from Albany, NY.

COLOR WAYS: Each print is one-of-a-kind monoprint & all color ways range in a pastel color pallet referencing Impressionism, Mannerism, the Golden Hour, and the washed-out color landscape of Florida..