SINE WAVE (magenta piping)
SINE WAVE (magenta piping)

SINE WAVE (magenta piping)

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SINE WAVE  (magenta piping)

* one sine wave per order - OPTION 1: MAGENTA PIPING - light blue & gray hand-dyed fabric

This series explore the natural phenomena known as a Sine Wave, a reoccurring pattern found in pure and applied mathematics as-well as in nature. The shape is governed by mathematical principles guiding its form into a smooth repeating WAVE that oscillates above and below zero. In mathematics / Calculus a sine is a trigonometric function of an angle.

Sine Waves can be manifested physically as a continuous waveform in nature as seen in sound waves, light waves, wind waves. Sine Waves can also help graph natural cycles including Tides and Currents, Moon Phases and much more.

Sine Waves are part of a secret, softly spoken language of mathematics that quietly express itself through patterns in nature. Akin to Sine waves is the Parabola which express itself through utility appliances such as the arch of water projected from a drinking fountain, or garden sprinkler. This work is sparked by a curiosity in mathematical magic and hopes to highlight this wonder!

  • Dimensions: 4” diameter x 48” overall length.
  • Marbled in the Turkish Ebru tradition on 9.2oz cotton canvas, all sides.
  • Invisible zipper.
  • Loose Polyfil Stuffing. No separate insert liner but can unzip and take stuffing out to wash cover.
  • Hand dyed and screen-printed tags.
  • Made one at a time, start to finish in New York’s Hudson Valley.


Photo by Alon Koppel Photography, IG @alonkoppelphotography

SINE WAVE (magenta piping)
SINE WAVE (magenta piping)