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18” Diameter x 3” Floor Pillow.

Weights 2lb-3lb.

Frontside: Marbled in the Turkish Ebru tradition on 9.2oz cotton canvas,

Backside: 12oz light gray pearl weave upholstery fabric.

Removable 100% wool insert.

Invisible zipper. 

This pillow is a VERY SPECIAL collaboration with the sheep and farmers of “Fortunate Ewe Farm” in Camden, NY. Twice a year the sheep at “Fortunate Ewe Farm” are sheared & the wool processed at “Battenkill Fibers” a small fiber processing facility in Geenwich, NY. “Battenkill Fibers”, “Fortunate Ewe Farm” and this PILLOW are part of the Hudson Valley Textile Project who’s mission is to:

“recognize, celebrate and support a sustainable model of regionally sourced, processed, and manufactured fiber products.  While members may work independently, our communal action is in support of a farm to fashion fiber chain that supports local growers, processors, artisans, manufacturers, and consumers.”

This pillow is a true 100% born & bread New Yorka!!

In Greek the word roda means wheel, and in Portuguese Circle.

Photo by Emma L McCann IG @emmalmccann