PEDIMENT - marbled triangular large pillow


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This pediment, was once the crowning feature of the Greek Temple of Apollo Epicurius built ca. 450 BC, from a remote mountainside in the Peloponnese, . . . . . . . just kidding!! . . . . . but a pediment, is a triangular area located just above the entablature at the short ends of a colossal building, richly decorated with monumental narrative sculpture. This triangular cushion might have you asking, What’s it for? And well its GREAT as floor pillow, back rest, or decorative element to your pillow fort! This cushion is expanding the traditional square and circular shapes of pillow construction. Made one at a time, start to finish in NY’s Hudson Valley.

  • H 25" x W 28" x D 2"
  • 25” Equilateral Triangle Cushion
  • Weight: 2LB
  • Marbled in the Turkish Ebru tradition on 9.2oz cotton canvas, all sides
  • Removable insert made from 2" foam & Dacron
  • Hand dyed & sewn ¼” piping
  • Coil zipper

Photo by Alon Koppel Photography,  IG @alonkoppelphotography

PEDIMENT - marbled triangular large pillow, detail