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DORIC BEAN BAG This cylindrical bean bag is of monumental scale similar to the Doric columns that hold up the entablature on the Parthenon. Sewn into a bent cylindrical shape (not sewn like a “straight” cylinder). Designed for the floor, to lounge, or as a body pillow, or pregnancy pillow, or alternate boyfriend/girlfriend. Bring this pillow out to two-step, contra, swing and all required partner dances when you just can't find anyone to be your date.

Doric Bean Bag is one in a series of four "shaped & shapely" bean bags named after classical orders of architecture. Doric is the earliest of the Classical orders of architecture (Ionic, Doric, Corinthian, Composite, Tuscan), representing a transition in Mediterranean architecture from impermanent materials like wood to permanent materials, namely stone. The Doric order is unadorned and sturdy.

  • 10" diameter x 60" length
  • Weight: 4LB
  • Marbled in the Turkish Ebru tradition on 9.2oz cotton canvas on all sides.
  • Invisible zipper.
  • Stuffed with loose Styrofoam bean bag pellets.
  • Pellets can be removed for washing, but there is no insert casing.
  • Made one at a time, start to finish in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Photo by Emma L McCann IG @emmalmccann