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please note: this is a smaller version of the larger triangle pillow called PEDIMENT

This pediment, was once the crowning feature of the Greek Temple of Apollo Epicurius built ca. 450 BC, found on a remote mountainside in the Peloponnese, . . . . . . . just kidding!! . . . . . but a pediment, is a triangular area located just above the entablature at the short ends of a colossal building, richly decorated with monumental narrative sculpture. 

  • H 17" x W 20" x D 2"
  • 20” Equilateral Triangle Pillow
  • Weight: 2LB
  • Marbled in the Turkish Ebru tradition on 10oz cotton canvas, all sides
  • Hand dyed & sewn ¼” piping
  • Coil zipper
  • Made one at a time, start to finish in NY’s Hudson Valley

Photos by Alon Koppel Photography,  IG @alonkoppelphotography