T-SHIRT - Youth Extra Small
T-SHIRT - Youth Extra Small

T-SHIRT - Youth Extra Small

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This one-of-a-kind hand-marbled T-shirt follows the 16th century Turkish Ebru tradition of marbling, by floating pigment atop a viscous Irish Moss Seaweed liquid, creating an organic pattern as the ink spreads across the liquid surface, then captured by carefully placing the fabric atop the thick liquid vat! You might spot evidence of how this shirt was hand-printed by a thin white line along the sides from flipping the shirt in the vat or a “white drip” near the back armpit where the liquid seaweed (carrageenan) often pools up when rotating the mold.

  • Marbled in the Turkish Ebru Tradition on 5oz 100% cotton jersey T-shirt
  • Moderately heavy-weight fabric
  • Size: 15" wide x 16.5" from front of neck to bottom of shirt
  • Marbled front and back
  • Silk-screened care instruction label sewn into the inside back

Please note: Multiple shirts marbled in the same colorway, so you might not get the exact shirt pictured, but one very similar in color and pattern.

Photos by Alon Koppel Photography https://alonkoppel.com/

T-SHIRT - Youth Extra Small